Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do we need the WCC?

The WCC will offer services, and a facility to supply these services, that we do not currently have in our area.  For example, there is a huge need for an all day daycare and an afterschool program.  Many of the families that live here involve dual working parents who work in another city.  Parents can not make it home by 3:30 to pick kids up or even meet their kids at home once the bus drops them off.   We need an after school program that can offer a safe place where children are supervised in a fun environment and tutoring services are available.  We need an indoor fitness facility so people of all ages can utilize it and do not have to travel elsewhere for gym memberships or use the schools weight room.  (These are just examples of why we have chosen certain services.  If you have any questions or feel we should consider something else…we do have an open minded board that wants to hear from you).

The WCC will be competing with the Knights of Columbus’s new building, the Parish Hall, and perhaps the Church.

We strongly feel that we do not compete with anything locally.  We are offering a facility that is a nonprofit business that will have normal business hours and offer services that none of the above offer.  We will have meeting rooms available but only because we will have multi-functional rooms.

Please email, message, or call us with any questions or concerns.  We will gladly answer and post it on our FAQ’s.