…His Faithfulness continues through all generations…Psalm 119:20

The Windthorst Community Center is a non profit that was founded by Dusty Sternadel in May 2015.  By July of 2015, the WCC gained a solid foundation with a 11 member Board of Directors.   The nonprofit was started by Dusty on behalf of her brother, Duke Veitenheimer, who committed suicide in 1998.

‘I want to create a place for the community as a whole to enjoy.  I want it to be a place for the youth and elderly to use to gain insight, to gain needed information, and to be a place where people feel supported, loved, and safe.  I want it to be a place where we remember those past and present in a way that will live on through generations.’   (Dusty Sternadel)

…How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity…Psalm 133:1

We want the community center to be what God and what the community needs it to be.  This is why we are building a facility that will provide an all day daycare with an after school program, an indoor fitness facility, a safe 5K/10K running/walking trail, a game zone for older youth, a handicap accessible play area, a community garden, and if funds allow for it a community pool.  We are open to any ideas, suggestions, and even concerns.  Every inch of the WCC will be in honor of or in memory of someone who has touched our lives forever.  We are not just building a building to provide these services.  We are building a strong beautiful building that will last for generations to come.  This is why we are not rushing this project in anyway.  We do have a 3 year building plan.  Our goal is to start building within the next year and completed by early 2018.  We also have a 5 year plan that encompasses our entire building project.

…All things are possible to him who believes…Mark 9:23

Please contact us if you would like to help in anyway possible.  We would love for you to serve on our board or as a committee member for any event/benefit we are hosting.